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La Tour Eiffel

Clique sur les bonnes réponses.

1.  In which year was the Eiffel Tower completed?

1889            1789

2.   The tower was designed by Monsieur Eiffel (Mr. Eiffel) and it was named in his honour.   What was his first name?

Gustave        Guillaume    

3.   Monsieur Eiffel was also involved in the creation of a famous construction in America. 
Which one? 

the White House

 the Statue of Liberty

4.   The tower is known as -

la Dame de Fer (the Iron Lady)

 la Fille d'Or (the Golden Girl)

5.   How tall is the tower?

  544 metres       324 metres


6.   Which river flows near to the tower?

  la Loire       la Seine


7.   The park in Paris where the tower stands is called -

  le Champ-de-Mars

le parc des Buttes-Chaumont

8.   Since 1968, the official colour of paint used on the tower is -

 le brun Tour Eiffel - Eiffel Tower brown
le gris Tour Eiffel - Eiffel Tower grey

8A.   When the tower was first built, its original colour was -

brun rouge - a red brown colour

doré - golden


9.   What is placed at the very top of the tower?

an aerial mast

a clock


10.   Approximately, how often is the tower re-painted?

tous les dix ans - every ten years

tous les sept ans - every seven years

12.   The designer, Monsieur Eiffel, had an office in the tower.  Where was it situated?

at the top - au sommet

on the first floor - au premier étage


13.   Approximately, how many tons of paint are required to paint the tower?

60  soixante       30  trente

14.   A new feature was added to the first floor in 2014.  What is it?

a museum - une musée

a floor made of transparent glass - un plancher de verre


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